It is like a VCA in Netherlands. The worker’s right to have safe and healthy working conditions shall be guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Safety and Health at Work and by other regulations on safety and health at work. Employers must provide health and safe working conditions for workers.

The state of health and safety of work in enterprises, institutions or organizations is assessed according to the way labor tools, working conditions in the company and its departments comply with the requirements of occupational safety and health in the legislation. In practice, all legal entities must comply with the safety requirements of the work and regularly adjust their existing documentation (instructions, training, instructions for coaching) according to the legal requirements established by the state in these areas. Compliance with work safety requirements is controlled by the State Labor Inspectorate.

Preparation of normative documents for safety and health at work:

Professional supervision of work safety from the preparation of the original document to the performance of work safety and health services. The concern of our company is to ensure the safety of work and the health of your company. The prepared documents conform to the legal acts in force in the Republic of Lithuania and safety and health specialists will perform the following documents preparation work:

  • All mandatory journals and explain how to keep them;
  • Company safety and health instructions;
  • The company's fire safety manual;
  • The company's rules of procedure;
  • All necessary documents for the establishment of the Company's Occupational Safety and Health Service;
  • All necessary documents for the establishment of the company's Committee on Safety and Health at Work;
  • Documents for hazardous work, training and knowledge of employees;
  • Documents on preventive measures for occupational diseases, accidents related to traffic and drunkenness;
  • A list of personal protective equipment issued to employees of the company;
  • A schedule for the company's health checks;
  • All necessary orders of the company manager in the field of company safety and health;
  • Advise companies on all other occupational safety and health issues;
  • Occupational risk assessment
Work safety and health