Companies for sale:

Sale of newly established companies

The stock purchase agreement is prepared, the other documents are filled in and transferred to the Center of Registers. We can establish a company with the desired name and sell it to you.

About the process: Selling a company is a process, during which a newly established company that has not carried out any activities yet and is fully prepared for operation (private limited company), is acquired. Selling a newly established company, an agreement on shares purchase-sale is signed, and other necessary documents regarding the change of the owners and head of the sold company, are prepared which need to be submitted to the Centre of Registers.

Company which already carried out activities:

The company can be sold and already carried out activities, but with a neat history, without debt, and not operating. We find the right company for purchase, we make purchasing strategy and we advise it during all its implementation. Objectively we evaluate the business price, taking into account not only the company's indicators or prospects, but also the business environment and market opportunities.

Advantages and disadvantages of already existing company purchasing:

Main advantages
Main disadvantages
  • Business start-ups are already done, getting finance to grow a business is easier, products or services offered to the market will already be known
  • Marketing tools will already be tested and operational
  • Effective human resources
  • Many other initial problems are likely to be solved, optimal solutions are found - possible errors are avoided.
  • It is likely that a purchase transaction will require large initial investment immediately, including the price of the purchased business, recruited experts, etc.
  • The new owner may not be able to avoid certain errors in management, additional operational funding may be required.
  • As existing customers, partners, employees will respond to changes in owners and how much they can affect the results
Business for sale in Lithuania