High quality accounting provides transparency for businesses and gives executives the opportunity to get a clear view of the company's financial position. It helps to avoid misunderstandings with customers and partners and allows you to conveniently track your company's financial performance and to see changes in time and make the right decisions.

We offer accounting services to small and medium businesses providing efficient and friendly service offering cost effective solutions for your accounting and payroll-related needs in Lithuania. We realize full financial analysis of accountancy and timely notification to manager about any risk which endanger successful development of business.

According to an individual agreement with the client, we provide the following accounting services:

  • Registration of purchase and sales invoices (if required, we can also issue invoices);
  • Registration of cash registers, filling out a cash register;
  • Bank statement;
  • Advance payment accountancy;
  • Fuel accounting (without filling out travel sheets);
  • Accounting for fixed assets (registration of fixed assets in the accounts, preparation of orders related to the accounting of fixed assets, entering into service statements, calculation of depreciation);
  • Stock quantity and total inventory in warehouse;
  • Payroll accounting (calculation of wages and registration in payroll, preparation and submission of declarations related to wages to the State Tax Inspectorate and the State Social Insurance Fund, preparation of a working time accounting report, reports on employees' admission - dismissal, reports; periods of illness, periodic cards, identity cards);
  • Preparation of financial statements (annual financial statements are provided to the registry center, annual income tax return);
  • Tax calculation and declaration;
  • Preparation and submission of reports and declarations to controlling institutions (State Tax Inspectorate, Sodra, Statistics);
  • Providing advice on tax accounting or accounting for your company.
Accountancy services