Business for sale in Lithuania



  • Business start-ups are already done, getting funding to grow a business is easier, products or services offered to the market will already be known.
  • Marketing tools will already be tested and operational.
  • Effective human resources.
  • Many of the other initial problems are likely to be solved, finding optimal solutions - possible mistakes are avoided.
  • It is likely that a purchase transaction will require a large initial investment immediately, including the cost of the purchase business, hired experts, etc.
  • The new owner may not be able to avoid certain errors in management, may need to provide additional funding for the operation.
  • As existing customers, partners, employees will respond to changes in owners and how much they can affect the results.
  • A company's sales contract in foreign countries is often considered as an alternative to buying and selling shares and, in some cases, may in fact be more in line with the interests of the parties.

    Selling shares - sells everything: customers, employees, all assets.

    The company in Lithuania is legally considered a real property. When transferring this property, the rules for the transfer of immovable property, stipulating the strict notarial form, publication in the public register, transfer of the company transfer and acceptance act, etc., must be observed. requirements.

    According to current legislation, it is difficult to clearly distinguish when an enterprise should be sold as an asset complex, and when the company's assets and rights and obligations can be sold. The latter transaction is much simpler and more advantageous in terms of time, therefore, even if it is necessary to transfer the assets and / or rights for several such transactions, even in order to transfer the whole property complex.