It is often said that, starting a business, the most important thing is a good idea. However, this is not enough, you will not create any business without investing in it.

And funds are often run out of time: even if the start-ups of a business plan have accumulated when they start investing, the latter expire much earlier than planned.

Therefore, the question of where to get funds to rebuild business is one of the most urgent. Mostly, banks with a new business do not go to any languages. One of the solutions is to find a private investor who will contribute not only money, but also share knowledge and experience.

By the way, according to the "European Business Angels Network", 90-95% of companies do not receive their fifth birthday. The number of companies, from which private investors engage from the beginning, are much more to reach this anniversary - 30% to 50% of them celebrate the fifth anniversary.

In Lithuania, more and more private investors are determined to give money to a young business, which, in their eyes, is viable.
So far, the founders of a healthy lifestyle, medical, biotechnology and information technology business are interested in the most active financing opportunities.