Buy a Lithuanian already registered company, then you will be able to start a business hassle free in a short time. All companies we have for sale are inspected, good financial standing, without any possible debts or obligations. We issue guarantee document with each our sold company to you. It is a risk free agreement!

If you think about the company registration in Lithuania and want to start as soon as possible, you can buy already established company.

There are two ways:

1. Purchase new company (ready made or shelf company);

2. Purchase running business in Lithuania.

Doing business in Lithuania may be attractive and valuable for all the foreigners – for those who are looking how to open up new opportunities and are interested in company formation in this country from zero and for those who want to develop and expand their own existing business. Lithuania business immigration may definitely create an additional solid value to your business.

What is Established Lithuanian Company?

Lithuanian established limited liability companies (ready-made / ready to use companies) are usually ready-made companies without previous activities and registered one, two or even more months ago in Lithuania. Each established company is dedicated with universal name, thefore it can carry out any kind of business activity. These Lithuanian ready-made companies over regular company registration are often chosen by the customers, who want to buy established company in Lithuania, save time and do not want to wait until the new business will be established. When buying an enterprise established in Lithuania (shelf company), you can operate do business on the same day, because all the documents and Lithuanian company stamp is ready for the job. Only thing is about the bank account, it usually takes few days to change the ownership of the bank account. Sometimes the procedure might take up to 7 days (usually it takes one, max – two days). The bank account can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Lithuanian Companies with Good Business History

There are a possibillity to acquire the shelf companies in Lithuania, which already has previous business transaction history. It even has been doing some real business in the past and has been established fora period of 1-10 years. Such company does not have any debts and other obligations. Companies for sale in Lithuania has longer or shorter work experience already, with the past years annual turnovers and all bookkeeping in neat manner. This can be a good way to show for potential partners, customers or banks your credibility. These sheld companies, in other words, business for sale in Lithuania, have no physical assets or any real working employees, generally speaking, a customer is buying a prestige.

Lithuanian Company with a License

There are offering ready-made companies registered in Lithuania with specific business licenses like: licence for transport (TIR), licence for construction work and other. All licences has to be approved by official Lithuanian authorities. Companies with previous business transaction history and licences are more expensive to purchase comparing to a newly registered Lithuanian companies. But such companies gives more value to the owner.

Lithuanian Company with VAT Licence

If you are planning to engage trading business in Lithuania, your will have to apply for VAT registration in Lithuania (Value Added Tax). The licence is being issued by the Tax Inspectorate. We are offeringcompanies with already registered VAT licences. Applying for VAT licence is monitored under strict fiscal control of the local tax Inspection. Therefore it is not easy to obtain it and sometimes it takes time. Companies with VAT licence are always more expensive than companies without it. Because it saves your time and hassle obtaining a VAT code by your self.

Based on the above facts, the decision of starting a business in Lithuania by buying already established company, looks very favourable. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks.