Anyone who has taken up a business can confirm that the boundary between private business and private life is very thin. However, according to specialists, the distinction between work and private life is necessary.

To improve productivity, you need to learn how to get away from work worries and find time for rest. Otherwise, luck will not come anywhere - at the office or at home.

The work of welfare will not benefit:

Olegas Lapinas, a psychotherapist who has been developing his own business for almost 15 years, shared his observations. "For those people who work 60 hours a week, productivity falls below all indicators. It would be ideal to work 40 hours a week, that is 8 hours. per day ", - says a specialist.

The psychotherapist explained the concept of the "burnout syndrome": "A person begins to hate his work, becomes rude to his loved ones, does not sleep even while sleeping, he is inclined to think about work. Such people are even among those who teach others. I am a typical example. "

According to O. Lapinas, it's worth considering the advice of psychologist Erik Eriksson that the most productive are those who even divide themselves into work, love and games. "Those who do not, in the long run, feel that they have no love, games or humor - just a job. Then he does not like it, "- says a specialist, and illustrates the results of the research, which show that their work hates 70%. American.

How long do you work and how much to rest? "Minimal people should spend about two weeks on holiday, and the optimal working week should be about 40 hours. An excellent Scandinavian example is working 35 hours. Within a week, they demonstrate high productivity. But workforce Japanese labor productivity is relatively low. Those who work a lot do not do much, ",- says O. Lapinas.

How to get away from work?

According to Gytis Mork┼źnas, Director of the "Enterprising Lithuania" Department of Business in Lithuania, Lithuanians are especially business people. For example, last year, as many as 9 thousand were established. new companies. "As soon as you have set up your company, there is a real willingness to give it to you in full, no more visible. But this is like a trap. When you are engaged in hired work, others take responsibility to not work more than you can physically, and when working independently, no one tells you when to relax. Yet it needs to be learned - consciously realize that the day is over, the office door is locked and it's time to rest, "- says the head.

In addition, according to G. Mork┼źnas, business affairs are not only at work, but also at home, and this also does not allow rest: "It needs to be understood that work is not just a job, but all other duties are work. We have a commitment to our family, our social environment. They need to be executed, look at them as seriously as the work. Children will not grow for the second time, and if we did not see them growing, we were not near, that moment will not come again. "