What is the monthly non-taxable amount (NPD) for the year 2019?

Maximum monthly NPD is 300 Eur, applicable to the resident (except for a limited workforce), whose employment-related income will not exceed the minimum monthly salary (MMA) valid as of 01.01.2019.

For other residents (except for people with limited working capacity) whose monthly income from employment relationships will be higher than the sum of one MMA, the monthly NPD applicable will be calculated according to the formula:

Monthly NPD = 300 - 0.15x (income per month of a resident per month - one size of MMA operating on 01.01.2019). For residents with a 0-25% capacity for work or for persons who have reached the retirement age, who have a high level of special needs according to the procedure prescribed by law, and for persons with a severe disability, the monthly NPD is 353 Eur.

For residents with a 30-55% capacity for work or those who have reached the retirement age for whom the average or minor special needs level is established or persons who have a moderate or mild disability level in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation, the monthly NPD is 308 Eur .

What are the new benefits?

Taxable income can be reduced:

1) pension contributions to pension funds which the resident pays as additional accumulative pension contributions in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 4 of Article 8 of the Law on Pensions and which exceeds 3% of the income of this resident from which the state social insurance contributions are calculated,

2) up to 2.000 Eur amount paid for:

- the repair of buildings and any repairs (except for renovation (upgrading) of apartment buildings)

-related car repair services

- care services for minors (adoptive, guarded) to 18 years of age.

All these taxes will be valid from 01.01.2019 and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us.