If you decided to start business in Lithuania, in most cases you need to take care of finding office.

Nowadays there is a huge supply of offices, no exception is real estate market in Lithuania. It is not so hard to find an office that fits for your requirements and wishes. That happened because a few years ago massively increased construction of new business centers. Prices depend of the city in which you are looking for office, area of that city and of course type of building, amenities in the building and so on. The highest prices is in Vilnius (the capital city of Lithuania) for sure, in the second place stand Kaunas.




3,50 – 16,50 eur for sq/m


3,00 – 14,00 eur for sq/m


3,00 – 12,50 eur for sq/m


2,00 – 8,70 eur for sq/m


2,00 – 8,00 eur for sq/m


3,60 – 9,00 eur for sq/m

Of course it is easier to find perfect office if you have local person, who knows everything about real estate market. We are here for you in this situation and our competent staff will find the best option for your business in Lithuania.