Investments are the source of employment, knowledge and competitiveness, which underlies the country's economic growth. Direct domestic and foreign investments make it possible for people to earn a living and live better.

Therefore, our desire is for Lithuania to create a business investment map and strengthen its position in international markets.

According to the Five-Year Integrated Growth and Development Report of the World Economic Forum (PEF), Lithuania is ranked first among the emerging economies and contributed to its investment in Lithuania.

Wages in Lithuania are not so high compared to Western European countries, therefore, a large number of foreign investors are interested in setting up a company in Lithuania. The business giants like "Uber", "Barclays", "Western union" and many others have already chosen Lithuania.

If you set up a business in Lithuania, we will take care of the selection of employees from Lithuania, we will find the personnel according to your all needs and criteria. We also take care of business start-up procedures, then business administration and other inseparable from successful business processes.