A1 forms and social security apply to employees temporarily posted to another foreign country

In practice, there are often cases when Lithuanian company employees are temporarily sent (seconded) to work in another company registered in a European Union country.

A1 certificate is a document proving that a person in Lithuania is insured by social insurance and in another state to which he is seconded, he will not be required to pay the insurance premiums.

In the case of posting, the employer must apply to the Benefit Office of the State Social Insurance Fund Board (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund") for the A1 certificate on the issuance of social security legislation applicable to his holder prior to being sent to another EU Member State, but, exceptionally, a certificate may also be issued to work in an EU Member State, as well as at the end of this period.

Some facts:

*A1 forms are issued by the Sodra Foreign Benefit Service.

*Due to these certificates "Sodra" must contact the employers themselves.

*The employer must provide: 1. Completed Employer's Questionnaire. 2. Application for a certificate 3. Sending Person's Profile.

*Applications to the Foreign Benefit Office of the Fund Board may be submitted: 1. upon arrival at the institution; 2. by post or courier; 3. via the National Information System for the Delivery of Electronic Items via the Postal Network (hereinafter referred to as the "E-delivery system"); 4. or email mail at uzsienis@sodra.lt.

*The Foreign Benefit Office must take the decision to issue A1 certificates within 20 working days of receipt of all documents.

The posted employee must inform the Beneficiary Service within 5 working days and return the A1 certificate if:
• There was no sending of the requested job;
• The sending of the work has been discontinued, unless the termination of the activities in the countries to which the employee was sent is short-lived;
• Residence permit in Lithuania or visa D is canceled.

An employee sent to work within 5 working days must return the A1 certificate to the Benefit Office and in case the non-insured period of the posted person exceeds one fifth of the total period of posting.