About us

We are a successful company providing business services and take help for those who intending to start a successful business in Lithuania.


We ensure that one place will provide all the essential services needed to start a business and successfully develop it. The most important thing that we help our customers to save valuable time and money.


Customer first

We make the right decisions and know exactly what our customers want. We strive to work competently and feel responsible for the decisions we make.



We are constantly learning and developing to find new solutions and apply them in our work.


Reliable people in team

The desire and ability to provide the highest quality services and to make decisions that exceed both the expectations of customers and the opportunities of competitors.

Work with Us!

What We Do?

We provide a wide range of services, practical guidance and creative solutions that help to grow up Your businesses.

Business establishment

If you think about the setting up a company, you first need to decide which kind of company is most suitable for your purposes.

Company formation

We are ready to look after the day-to-day operation of client company.

Business support

We offer a wide range of assistance to help you at every stage of your business, from idea to reality.

Accountancy services

High quality accounting provides transparency for businesses and gives executives the opportunity to get a clear view of the company's financial position.

Work safety and health

Professional supervision of work safety from the preparation of the original document to the performance of work safety and health services.

VCA/VCU - NEN 4400

Our company helps to prepare and organize VCA/VCU and NEN audit in Lithuania.

A1 Forms

This form is needful due to prove that your employees pay social contributions in another EU country ? if you are a posted worker or work in several countries at the same time.

Business opportunities in Lithuania

Taking into the needs of our clients, we also provide other additional services.

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How to get interested and get funding

A great business idea and business plan is a good start. But you still need to convince investors that your project is worth the money. Here are some tips for doing this.

In order for busi...

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The new procedure for registering a company in Lithuania

If until now the registration of a new company in Lithuania was obligatory to indicate the address of the registered office, then it is expected in the near future that this would not be necessa...

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A new system of tax relief, non-taxable income and tariffs

What is the monthly non-taxable amount (NPD) for the year 2019?

Maximum monthly NPD is 300 Eur, applicable to the resident (except for a limited workforce), whose employment-related inco...

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